Monday, January 15, 2018


This above picture tells (very clearly) the state of my mind last week. Although the fog is slowly lifting, it is not all cleared away.
Hard wind blew away the fog from the fields, but it still lingers in my brain. Partly because Ruusu is not yet well; we have been to the vet every other day, she needs eye drops every hour and I have been very focused on that, partly because of pesky cold and runny nose. I am very seldom sick, hardly ever and having to carry a stuffy head on my shoulders, is annoying. I am not very good in resting in bed, so I take painkillers and try to plough along like usual, well… at least almost.
January is passing the midpoint, the world remains mostly grey and blue and white, no sun, the amount of increased light is not yet noticeable. Today the wind is hard, like a whip on a face and snow whirls all around and drifts into piles…

My usual sock recipe, 
2mm needles, various sock yarns, 
Arwetta and Regia most likely
“The sky was almost black, but the snow shone a bright blue in the moonlight.

The sea (in my case, the lake) lay asleep under the ice, and deep down among the roots of the earth all small beasts were sleeping and dreaming of spring. But spring was quite a bit away because the year had only just got a little past New Year.

At the point where the valley began its soft slope towards the mountains, stood a snowed-up house. It looked very lonely and rather like a crazy drift of snow. Quite near it ran a bend of the river, coal-black between ice-edges. The current kept the stream open all winter. But there were no tracks leading over the bridge, and no one had touched the snowdrifts around the house.


The valley was enveloped in a kind of grey twilight. It also wasn’t green any longer, it was white. Everything that had once moved had become immobile. There were no living sounds. Everything angular was now rounded.”

From my cherished book, Moominland Midwinter written by Tove Jansson

We have more snow than I care for. It keeps coming… some days beautiful, huge doilies gracefully dancing down from the sky… some days with strength, hitting you from all angles, forcing inside your coat through collar and sleeves, mean, little, drops of hard ice. There have been days when it appears from nothing, it does not seem to be visible, yet the pathways are buried in a few hours.

I have knitted a little bit, although my mind has not been on it, so it feels like I have not knitted at all.

Christmas Eve Cast-on
My usual sock recipe
2mm needles
Araucania Huasco, Regia Season Color 09411

My creative mind is burdened by the worry of little, sweet Ruusu. I wish I had something more cheerful to write today, but I am sorry, I don’t. Just wanted to pop in to quickly greet you all, and thank you for your kind messages. Thank you for reading, will come back soon.

Wool with you,

Friday, January 05, 2018

Happy New Year!

... and thank you for the past year! Thank you for reading and commenting, I love to share my crafts with you.

Yesterday, while cleaning away some of the Christmas stuff, I could not help myself but already skipped ahead in my mind towards the spring. Then I counted all the weeks until spring and realized how long the wait would be if I started thinking of the spring already – the snow won’t be gone before April if we are lucky, not before May if not so lucky. I would then miss these beautiful, deep winter months, that are the best months for all wool related crafts and the best months for reading. It is dark and cold outside for most of the time, everything is covered with deep piles of snow, what could be better than just savor the best this season has to offer; taking it slowly and quietly, like people naturally tend to do when it is dark. Making noise in darkness seams such a disturbance and while moving in dim places, it is good advice to watch your step and stop hurrying. January is a long month with all its 31 days; many books can be read, and a few wool skeins turned into usable things.
My knitting transition to the new year was smooth, as there were/are socks on the needles, the one for the left foot was knitted last year and the one for the right foot was cast on on New Year’s Day and is getting done soon. But then... Little Ruusu has health issues (her eyes) and needs special attention and lots of love and care. This, of course, affects me a lot and makes it difficult to concentrate on anything (it is as if I need to channel all my strength into her well-being and making her feel better, there remaining no room for anything else). This is also the reason why I have not been here before. It is so worrying to look at the furry face and see that the usually twinkling eyes are not bright and playful. Poor little girl.
Yarn: Luonnotar by Louhittaren Luola
100 % Merino wool, 400m/100g - I am not sure of the color, maybe Rakkaus or Unikko
The beige yarn is old sock yarn from the stash
Hook 2,5mm

I was thinking about my crafting life during the last days of 2017. Not too serious, not to make resolutions, more in a manner of what I would love to do this year.

I ordered two books few days ago, both by Marie Wallin, books about her crochet designs. The first one was Winter Crochet and the second one Filigree Crochet. Both books have interesting and lovely designs and the ones that motivate me are done using both knitting and crochet. I am not sure which design I am going to do first and if I am going to do one.

I trust I can find the urge to redo something old into new wearable garment. The mending movement is most exciting, and I have few jeans that I could try to add patches to. Hopefully there are some woolly creatures too in 2018. I will need to arrange, organize, all my stash of books, fabrics, threads, yarns and get rid of the things I don’t care for. For this last one I hope I can give lots of time, as my stash is very good and inspiring, has been gathered in moments of deep vision, determination. I hope I can remember while I sort, what it was that made me to buy some things in the first place and maybe rekindle the enthusiasm.

I was looking for buttons for my daughter’s coat, while she was here for the holidays. She had lost one and we had to figure out how to rearrange the buttons, because they were lovely, and we did not want to change all of them. We came into a good conclusion but while at it, I dived deep into my button collection, which is quite moderate (shallow) compared to the other stuff that I have, and found these buttons by Prym.
I wanted to make something then and there with the buttons, and I ended up making these fingerless mittens (my pattern, well… there is no pattern). The beautiful, saturated red yarn had been calling me on my desk for some time and what better time than Christmas to cast on with it. Of course, one pair was not enough, I had to make another and correct few mistakes for the second pair. These browns I absolutely love because of the button fabric. Both done by crochet, which does not stop to delight me.
Crochet has many different stitch patterns and it can be made into so many different things. These mitts are done by making double crochet stitches (Am.) alternating into the front and back posts. This produces a squishy and stretchy fabric. I must get back into making swatches with crochet, as there is no other way to know, how the fabric feels, no other way to learn which of the stitches work best for various tasks.
Yarn: Highland Wool by Hjertegarn
100% wool 180m/100g color 294
Spinni by Isager color 46S
100%wool 600m/100g held double
Hook 2mm

Brand new year ahead, a year full of possibilities. I wish if only I could take it one day at a time, savoring all the hours, let the hours stretch into days, weeks and months, realizing all the opportunities this new year brings along. I will go and add few pieces of wood into the fire, quietly not to disturb Ruusu, who seems to be calm and sound asleep.

Wool with You in 2018,